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Special Offer
Valid till 25th December 2021

It’s the season to be JOYFUL! In the spirit of Christmas, I am giving away a very special gift. Please send me the answer to the following question:
“Share a moment or event from your life that was extremely joyful?”

For example
1. When I was a kid, my birthday parties gave me extreme joy.
2. Being on top of a mountain, in a monastery in Bhutan gave me immense joy.
3. My first cup of coffee in the morning, while hearing the birds chirping- gives me a lot of joy.
And so on….

Submitted for verification!

Do not wait for another second, as joy awaits you! Quickly send in your response. The first 20 women to send in their answers will receive a free-signed copy of my recent book- The Book On Joy! You will also receive a special secret code that you can use (valid up to 90 days) to receive TWO FREE SESSIONS of 60 minutes each from me. These sessions will be held online so it doesn’t matter where you live.
 A very Merry Xmas from me to all of you! 

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